• Gabi Preston-Phypers

Your impact on another persons life may be greater than they could have ever imagined!

Today my email pinged at 13:45 with an email from a Client.

I proceeded to open it.

The email outlined that they landed an incredible new job in a fantastic company and they were so excited.

A huge smile filled my face.

As I continued to scroll down the email, I noticed there was an attachment.

I clicked.

A testimonial? I paused for a moment and then continued to read.

It was about me!

I have received ones in the past that were a few lines but this was something different.

When you work with so many people, from so many walks of life, I never see their success as mine. Their success is all THEIRS! They did the hard work and I was just there to guide them.

But in receiving the testimonial it reminded me that a persons impact may be greater than they could have ever imagined.

So here it is, the beautiful gift I received from my Client today:

If you have a chance to talk to or work with Gabi, DO IT. Whether you need someone to help you get back on your feet, someone to help direct you towards your path, or simply want to connect with someone who is committed to reigniting your passion for your career, Gabi is your girl.

Gabi is that best friend who tells you like it is with your only your best interests in mind because she genuinely cares. She might tell you what you want to hear… but only if that’s what’s best for you. Be prepared to hear the truth. Be prepared for some self-reflection and introspection. Be prepared to take ownership of your situation through deliberate action items. Gabi doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do it, rather she’s an expert at guiding you through your own decision-making process, providing her support along the way.

Having an accurate understanding of reality, understanding the truth, is essential to reaching a positive outcome. A lot of people fight accepting the truth when it is not what they want, but it’s important to understand the good and the bad in order to make the right decisions and take the appropriate next steps. Gabi takes a unique, unbiased perspective to your situation to help you understand what is true, what is not true, and what we want to be true. We have nothing to fear from knowing and facing the truth, from understanding our reality because understanding our situation will help us seek the most appropriate path. After digging deep into understanding these truths, Gabi will walk you through exercises to help determine best courses of action.

What’s different about Gabi is that she has been through it all herself. She is not going through hypotheticals or playing a guessing game, but rather relies on her personal experience to help you find your answers. Take advantage of Gabi’s wisdom! She has had the corporate job, she has held an executive leadership role, she has experience with a successful start-up, she’s a working mom and a dutiful wife! She has been through it all and willing to share her personal journey to help you on yours.

I promise that after spending time chatting with Gabi, you will feel reenergized. She has so much passion for what she does – helping others become bosses of their own lives – and it feeds other people. If you are feeling lost in your career, business, or not sure how to get noticed, Gabi can help provide clarity and she will give you the momentum to keep going towards the light.

Always remember that your impact on another persons life may be greater than they could have ever imagined.

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