• Gabi Preston-Phypers

You must stay in a new job for at least a year ... WRONG!

You've started a new job and hate it immediately. How long should you stay?

Well if you read all the fluffy books out there, it suggests sticking around for at least a year. This sounds like a form of self-harm. How do I know this? Because I did it, and it was the worst decision I ever made. This decision rippled through every aspect of my life and nearly destroyed me. So, why do people do it to themselves?

I'm not saying jump ship without another life raft ready. But goodness me, do not just sit there and wait for it to change. The odds are it won't.

👉 Trust your gut feeling

👉 Have clear boundaries on what you won't tolerate

👉 Do not overcomplicate your happiness in your career. Stay calm.

Have you ever moved into a role that didn't feel right but you felt you had to stick it out? How did it affect you?

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