• Gabi Preston-Phypers

“We regret to inform you ...”

“We regret to inform you ...”

These 5 words haunted me.

Every time I heard them I went from feeling on top of the world to head in hands feeling like a failure.

My head flooded with negativity ...

➡️ Am I not good enough?

➡️ What did I do wrong?

➡️ Why does this keep happening to me?

➡️ Why does no one want me?

Then I realised something, each rejection was a gift. It kept me from going down a path that was not a perfect match. It kept me free to opportunities that would be the perfect match.

We all experience rejection throughout our lives; whether its careers, personal lives or a combination of both.

Remember these 5 things:

1) Do not hide from the world, keep putting yourself out there to be found.

2) Embrace your mistakes and learn from them. You will get stronger.

3) Every bad situation has a silver lining, find that positive and hold onto it.

4) Shake it off. You cannot control everything in life but you can control how much positivity you fill your head with.

5) Everything happens for a reason.

Your next exciting opportunity is just around the corner.

Go get it!

Go get it!

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