• Gabi Preston-Phypers

“I am not good enough!”

Yes, we're all feeling it guys! I'm not even going to mention the dreaded L-word... but it's hit us hard.

Times are tough. We need resilience. Self-belief. And positivity!

So, I've got a challenge for you.

At the end of each day for the whole of November, write down 5 things you've done that day you're proud of. It could be anything - from hosting an engaging Zoom meeting, to contributing great ideas to a brain storm, to even just getting out of bed on time and getting stuff done.

Celebrate the little things. Reward yourself.

It'll keep you motivated and make each day a little easier.

If you know anyone who might be struggling to believe in themselves right now, I've just created a free PDF full of tips like these. I'll leave the link below please share far and wide!

#selfbelief #positivity #productivity

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