• Gabi Preston-Phypers

Do you pitch and ditch? 🧐

Do you pitch and ditch? 🧐

You pitch to a client. Win the work. Take their money. Then ghost them. Then pull the confused face when they choose to leave.


Customer service is the simplest of tasks in the business cycle but one so many companies get wrong. They are too scared of hearing the negatives as they take it personally. It is personal, they are not happy and only you have the power to change things.

Embrace the feedback, in all its colours. The positives remind you of what you're doing well and the negatives are the bits you NEED to change! It will transform your business for the better but only if you hear it and take action!

If you aren’t looking after the client, there’s a risk your client is sat there rolling their eyes at you like a stroppy teenager and will ultimately leave you as soon as something new comes along. Loyalty = none.

Have you ever left a company because of poor customer experience? Could they have done something to stop you from leaving?


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