It is time to meet Gabi, our very own founder.

Gabi loves working with people and empowering them to get in the driving seat of their lives. No one should ever be a passenger in their life journey. 

From a very  young age, she wanted to make a difference but it was not clear in her mind what that would look like until much later in her career.

Her career started in Investment Banking, as she quickly progressed from back office to front office sales, despite everyone telling her it was impossible. She then sored through the ranks to achieve a Vice President within 5 years and 6 months of joining J.P. Morgan. The sky was the limit. 

She then decided that it was time to jazz things up and step into the world of start-ups. 

This journey started by joining a SaaS company but quickly resulted in her realising it was time to make her own way in the business world. 

Without hesitation she jumped into the family recruitment business and within a year turned the entire business around, launched "Own It With Gabi" and is about to launch her own SaaS company with her business partner and husband. 

Everything about Gabi is unconventional but one thing is for sure, she believes everyone has the power within them to have they career they have always wanted and the only thing holding them back is the tool to do it. 

Are you ready to have your first session with Gabi? Then its time to get booking.