Career Coaching for Humans, not Robots! 

We are doing things differently here. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars a month for coaching you may never need, Own It With Gabi allows you to purchase the time you need, when you need it and choose how to use it. This gives you the power to step into your career with confidence and strengths. Join the rest of the professionals who have been coached by our coaches. 

30 Minute

Any topic. Any time.


60 Minute

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4 hours.

Any topic. Any time.

£240 (save 25%)

Career Guidance

Chat with us to understand what goals matter to you most so you can attack your job search more strategically.

It's easy to know you're unhappy in the job you have, but it's often way more difficult to know what job you actually want. We'll design this conversation around what you need, so you can feel motivated and oriented towards success. Count on us asking lots of questions to try and help you narrow down what's important to you at this stage in your career. We'll also help you develop a high-level plan framed with concrete next steps, so you can approach your search like a pro. Come to us with ambiguity and leave with a lot more clarity.

Resume Consultation

Put your best foot forward with a resume that comprehensively articulates all your achievements and aligns with industry best practices.

In your job search, your first goal is to land yourself an interview, and your main tool to do that is a (compelling) resume. We'll ensure your resume tells your story effectively, shares it the way you want it to be told, and helps you stand out from the crowd. We’ll help you polish its finer points so that it aligns with industry best practices, of course, but we'll also make sure it articulates your previous experience so that companies understand all that you've accomplished. We will also help you tailor your resume to different types of positions, if relevant. And, take heart if you have never written a resume! We can easily take the time to share tips and tricks for creating a stellar resume, and then once you have a draft you can always schedule another session so we can review it with you.

LinkedIn Optimsation

Design a LinkedIn page that gets you noticed for the right reasons by the right people.

These days, people use LinkedIn like they used Facebook back in 2006. Folks can check you out (professionally), see who you know in common, and catch up on what you've been up to. It is THE professional networking platform, and while it may have its limitations, it's your main tool for controlling your public professional image. We'll help you optimize your profile so top recruiters and companies pick you out, and we'll discuss ways to broaden and establish your network. Ensure you're primed to be the best virtual you, and maximize your use of LinkedIn to help you in your job search from end to end.

Interview Preperation

Prepare for your interview so you knock it out of the park.

Whether you want to refine general interview skills or have specific questions about an upcoming interview, we will share best practices for how to rock your interview. As Thomas Edison said, "success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." No matter how many interviews you've had before, the key to success is being well-prepared. We'll go over common questions, what to expect, and what to prepare to ensure you feel confident about how to put your best foot forward.

Offer & Negotiation Guidance

Discuss negotiation tips and strategies for weighing multiple offers.

Negotiation is an art, not a science. We'll help determine your most important considerations and non-negotiables to enable you to develop a strategy for getting an offer you're thrilled to accept. From negotiating compensation packages and start dates, to asking for more decision time, as well as advice on how to weigh different opportunities, we're by your side. We'll even help you work through how to leverage different offers against each other and whether it makes sense to make the leap to a new job (if you are currently employed). We'll provide you guidance throughout the offer process so you will not only feel confident about the final offer (and your decision to take it or not) but also know that you haven't burned any bridges as a result.

Ad Hoc Coaching

Partner with your coach to tackle everything from the toughest questions to the tiniest details.

This is like having your own personal career coach on demand! In fact, the idea for this service came from our founder who recently helped her brother-in-law (who has over a decade of experience) navigate his own job search. What she found was that it was the little things that made ALL the difference in helping him build relationships and get the outcomes he wanted: from how to write an engaging and sincere thank you note, to how to ask for more time when given an offer, to how to politely turn down an offer without burning bridges, to how to leverage his new offer to improve his current situation. She literally reviewed every thank you note he sent (perhaps a bit much, eh?). And with his success, we thought we'd scale this offering to you, too! The idea? Feel comfortable to reach out with any question you have - nothing is too small!


"Gabi is that best friend who tells you like it is with your only your best interests in mind because she genuinely cares. She might tell you what you want to hear… but only if that’s what’s best for you. Be prepared to hear the truth. Be prepared for some self-reflection and introspection. Be prepared to take ownership of your situation through deliberate action items. Gabi doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do it, rather she’s an expert at guiding you through your own decision-making process, providing her support along the way."


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